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Kristin Chenoweth and Maddie
The Inspiration - The story of Maddie's Corner begins quite simply - with a small dog and the person who loves her.

When Maddie, a Maltese, came into singer/actress Kristin Chenoweth's life, she stole her heart. Kristin never would have guessed the impact this loving pup would have on her world. Inspired by her love for Maddie, Kristin wanted to lend her voice and support to help animals in need. Moved by Maddie's unconditional love, she hoped she might also find a way to help other causes dear to her heart.
With her reputation as a unique performer with a diverse range of talents - from comedienne with razor sharp timing to coloratura soprano - Kristin wanted to lend her support in a unique way, too.

And so Maddie's Corner was born - an organization celebrating the bond between people and their pets while lending a "helping paw" to those in need: People helping Animals- Animals helping People!

Our Vision for Maddie's Corner is to inspire a more humane, thoughtful and tolerant society that will benefit the quality of life of both people and animals.

Our Mission as we begin this project is to bring attention and support to animals in need - more specifically, homeless animals in shelters/rescue - and groups working on their behalf, as well as to highlight the many ways animals help people in need and enrich our lives. We hope to increase awareness about responsible pet ownership and the joys of including animals in our lives, to educate about and to inspire humane attitudes toward animals, and to provide resources to those groups working directly with animals in need as well as those working with animals to assist people in need. In addition, we will periodically initiate activities benefiting human causes that will include the participation of animals to convey our message. The hallmark of Maddie's Corner is that animals, whether as the message or the messengers, will always be active participants in our activities.

Some of the organiations our work has supported include:
  • Almost Home Animal Rescue & Adoption's Training Wheels community outreach
  • Sit, Stay, Read
  • Animal Relief Fund NY
  • Central Texas Feline Rescue
  • Helping PAW
  • Right Action for Women
  • Gal to Gal Foundation
  • Breast Cancer Research Foundation
  • Invisible Children (for Haiti Relief Efforts)
  • More...
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Photo of Kristin and Maddie by Robert Ascroft
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